Pelagic Webshots 2005

Savannah, GA to near-shore reefs, R6 and R7 towers, 23 July 2005

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This trip will not be remembered for the numbers of birds, but we could not have asked for better photo ops. The image of Audubon's Shearwater on the left is by Dan Vickers.  On the right, by Bob Zaremba.

We had three pelagics within 10 miles of land before 7:00AM.  The highlight for our trio was this Magnificent Frigatebird.  This is only the second reported observation of this species in Georgia in the last four years.  Image: Bob Zaremba

Speaking of close-ups, here is Dan Vickers' shot of Greater Shearwater.  This bird, which allowed such a close approach, may be the next victim of whatever has been causing the die-off of this species this summer.  It made no attempt to fly at all.