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The birds seem to know just when the lagoons are swarming with bait fish, and the scene will slow all the traffic on the road.  I was grumbling this morning since I could not get out at daybreak, and now I am glad I didn't.  I might have missed this event.
Here's lookin' at cha'. 
The neighborhood green tree frog, Hyla cinerea, perched on the screen door after a rain one night.  The inky dark perfectly sets off this shot of its underbelly, illuminated by the room lights. Carolina Chickadee doing a foot stand for a drink
Portrait of a Ring-tailed Lemur

St Catherines Island, Georgia

Odd Pileated Woodpecker behavior, clinging Tarzan-like to the outer branches of a tree taking nuts.
The face-like structure on your left is a lichen, probably Parmotrema perforatum, perforated ruffle lichen. Lichens are symbiotic associations of fungi and algae or cyanobacterium.  They often grow on older, weak limbs of trees, doing no harm to the tree, simply seeking light where there are few leaves.  They are easy to find in my yard after rain as the sodden branches break off the live oaks and litter the ground.  On the right is a busy mosaic of several kinds including probably Ramolina stenospora, the southern strap lichen.  There may also be Rimelia reticulata, cracked ruffle lichen, a traditional ingredient in the Indian spice mixture garam marsala

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