Howler Monkeys  

Click on the link above to hear the howlers. This is my first attempt at recording sound for the web. The monkeys are distant and the recorder and microphone were not designed for that kind of work.   Woe is me, that's all I need.  Now it will eat at me until I have the right equipment.

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The spectacular Arenal Volcano. 

 It's fiery cone was shrouded in steam while we were there, but from our room at the Arenal Observatory Lodge we could hear eruptions and giant boulders clattering down the side of the mountain .

A steep hike up from 1600 meters to 2000 meters (over 6000 ft) in only 1.5 kilometers brought us to this incredible site at the 3000 acre Bosque de Paz reserve. Fasciated Tiger-Heron
The Green-crowned Brilliant is one of of almost 60 species of hummingbirds in Central America Clay-colored Robin is the national bird of Costa Rica.  Needless to say, It is not hard to find.
Here is one reason why you want to leave the driving to your Costa Rican guide in the cloud forests of the Cordillera Central Deanne and Carlos act like they are choosing a 'chicken' for dinner
Ornithologists have looked into the theory that tropical birds are more colorful than those which breed in temperate climates. This is the Red-legged Honeycreeper. Montezuma Oropendola has a bright yellow tail and a raucous series of calls.  Some consider it a nuisance bird
The Pacific Slope is dryer and hotter than the Caribbean Slope Tree limbs are dug into the ground as fence posts.  They take root and the living fence must be pruned every six months.
Iguana with 'tude Black Guan is common around the feeders at Bosque de Paz.

Nearly 500,000 Nicaraguan migrants perform much of the day labor in the agricultural fields and at construction sites on the Pacific coast.  This squatter village was next to a dust-choked detour in Quepos.

Rice, black beans and fruit are staples of the Costa Rican diet.  Every roadside fruit stand, many restaurants, and convenience stores are open air. 

Birding tours are big business in this small and safe country which boasts over 900 species

The white-collared Manakin, a bird of the deep forests near Arenal.  With Carlos alerting us to its presence, and my feeble attempts to mimic its sound, we were able to lure it into a clearing for this shot; a coup, and one of the best birds of the trip. 


Jorge and Martin

These humble men came every morning from the village of Bajos del Toro to work on the trails at Bosque de Paz. I took advantage of the even diffuse lighting on an overcast day.  Photoshop provides a ranking system of 1 to 5 stars to allow photographers to sort their work by quality.  This is a 5.  It is one of the best shots I have ever taken.


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